Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Will be back soon

I've been off the blog for some time working on other projects.  I'll get to posting some new items shortly.  Just have to get the dust and rust cleared off the site. 

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Heading in on Lake Toho Jeff McGovern 2014

Great day on the water Emmrods at Lake Toho.  Been way to long for fishing.  The first few months of the year are pest control work almost every single day.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Been busy

With our show season for pest control cranking up in September loading up a kayak in the Ranger and heading out has been time prohibitive.  Since the yard is right outside the door I've been spending more time running the metal detector and frankly should have been doing that more often.  There is some good stuff buried in the yard thanks to the house at 130 years old now.  Might even find something to help finance a few new angling projects I have in mind for the Emmrods.  I found out recently from Emmrod that I'm just about the only seller of Emmrod Universal poles that recommend and uses the rigs for baitcasting work.  Talk about shocked!  As good as they work for that and I'm virtually the only one.  OK I'm be concentrating on getting better info out there and helping folks understand they are missing a big angling opportunity.  It takes skill and practice but once learned fish, fun and great times on the water are ahead.  Here is a short video on a find yesterday in the yard.  A 1905 Baber silver dime, oh yeah did I mention for about a year nearly 100 years ago this house was the bank after a huge town fire :). 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Jeff McGovern in the backyard metal detecting

This is one more thing I need to do from the Wavewalk 500.  Take that metal detector out to some of the remote areas boats have trouble reaching and do a bit of low tide detecting.  Besides as little room as my Emmrods take up I can bring all the gear I need in the W500.  The Garrett Treasure Ace 100 is maybe 15 years old now and still works great. The Pro Pointer from Garrett makes finding the target super easy.  I've been having a blast doing this since we have been so busy the last few weeks it's tough to find time to head to the coast for fishing.  The metal detecting is right out the back door and with a house built in 1883 there is loads of stuff to find.  The video was shot with my Replay XD1080P set at 720p 60fps in it's headset mount.

Friday, October 18, 2013

W500 standing from last weekend

I am amazed by this kayak each and every time I use it.  The Wavewalk 500 is so good at making an angler comfortable, stable, and versatile you have to wonder if the competition will ever catch up.  I of course always carry the Emmrods for angling duties, so between the two I have it covered.  Tough, durable, go anywhere, catch anything.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Emmrod Packer and ABU

Shot this short video yesterday with the Replay XD1080P.  With little time to fish myself lately I still get questions about the various pieces of an Emmrod outfit.  This rig is a sweet heart, old fashioned but very effective.  The metal Emmrod Packer reminds me of the rod handles we used in the early 60's casting my Dad's old Ocean City thumb busters.  Combined with an ABU round casting reel like the 4600 C4 the rig can handle big fish.  The older style round reels are easier to cast with a 7 coil tip rather than a 4 coil.  Don't worry about stopping power however those 7 coil rods have landed fish in excess of 20lbs for me. 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Bar hopping with Jeff McGovern and the W500

I fished a bunch of submerged oyster bars yesterday.  The water was teaming with small ladyfish and they were hungry.  Kayak fishing like this requires good timing and a responsive boat.  The W500 is ideal and it allows you to move around much more than any other paddle craft out there.   Emmrods make fighting the fish a simple task and allow you to maneuver around to stay in the action.  The morning was a blast, judged by the fact that I blew thought an entire spool of leader material.