Attended a sea trout meeting last night

We had a sea trout meeting last night in Jacksonville.  Very well attended with lots of good information.  The speaker was Captain Roger Bump a local guide and winner of quite a few tournaments including kayak ones.  He is a wonderful gentleman and I can see why he is a successful guide. It's always interesting to hear about various lures and methods but it all boils down to the same thing.  Find the fish and put the lure where they are, at that point you can play with variations.  That being color, size of lure and alike.  He brought out something I never considered having been raised on bass and freshwater work.  The inshore side of fishing lags behind freshwater when it comes to presentations, he mentioned the best learning tools for saltwater work were from bass folks.  Wow, I guess all those years of old Bass Master issues might be worth something. The methods applied by bass anglers he used for inshore fishing for sea trout and found that was the way to target bigger and better fish.  I've been doing that myself and never considered the methods since it was what I did since being a kid.  It certainly has worked for him over the last 12 years of so.  There were a number of kayak anglers attending from Jax Kayak and even two of us who use Wavewalks.  I brought an Emmrod saltwater spinning rod to the event and it picked up some intrest from a number of folks.  Meetings like this are fun since it's great to share information and methods.  The more successful anglers are the better our sport will survive in the future.

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