Getting ready Saturday 3/20/10

Today I'll be getting the Emmrods ready for Gander Mountain on Saturday.  We'll be at the Saint Augustine location from 9AM till 4PM so everything has to be packed & ready.  This will be a blast.  I'll have access to all their reels so folks will be able to try different ones on the Emmrods.  The kayak display area just outside the tackle shop will be set up so people can cast too.  Just got another shipment of rods from the factory.  The Emmrod Saltwater spinning model I use so much will likely be our best seller.  Got a bunch of them in set up with a seven coil rod, a killer rig in saltwater or fresh.  The really cool part is I also got a few more prototype setups that if they work well will end up as production models in the near future.  Thanks to Emmrod's owner Duane Markley for listening to my suggestions and bringing them to life.  That's is how the current Saltwater spinining model came into being.  If luck is with me maybe tomorrow I can hit the water for a short time.  Next weekend is the Forgotten Coast Kayak fishing touney and practice always helps.

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