Kayak fishing lures and the right fishing poles for a tournament.

There is an issue when you have loads of gear.  Boxes of lures, bundles of rods, and bag after bag of soft plastics.  Funny how the lures I'm looking for are not to be found and the ones I could not fnd last week and sitting right under my nose.  I got started late last night respooling reels with fresh line, can't let the fish find out you are using old line they hate that.  When it's all said and done the prep time for a fising trip is three times as long as the fishing.  I've ofter wondered if the prep time could become a separte hobby, just organising tackle.  Never actually fishing just putting it all together, dumping it out and doing it over again.   I guess we trained for that with Legos, blocks and Lincoln Logs when were were kids.

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