Lure picking

Since I've got the kayak tournament (Forgotten Coast) coming up in two weeks it's time to review my lure selection.  It's not a good idea to carry too much in a kayak so far as sharp and pointy.  Normally two ot three tackle packs in one of my Wavewalk W500 storage bins is about right.  For this adventure topwaters for sure, Spook Jrs and Skitterwalks will make the cut.  Subsurface some Mirrodines and Corky style lures should be handy as well.  Of course can't forget the DOA shrimp, I just need to check on the more productive colors for the Gulf coast.  Finally I suppose it's always a good idea to toss in some Redfish Magic style baits, they are great to keep on hand.  Going to try and keep away from Gulp.  Good stuff sometimes but the pinfish can shread the stuff and cost a bunch as you keep replacing tails.  Funny how when Gulp came out I backed off using DOA shrimp.  Now I understand how expensive that choice was, oh well at least I kept someoe on the job up at Berkley for awhile.

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