Which fishing lures to pick for kayak fishing

There is not lots of difference between lures based on what boat.  But there is a limited storage issue compared to a big boat with a motor.  Kayak fishing requires a careful selection of baits based on the condtions you are likely to encounter.  In other words plan ahead don't just show up to fish.  My own load out for baits this coming weekend is based on the water of the Gulf.  The lures I throw on the east coast might not be the best for the Gulf waters.  I'll have topwaters, in this case the Super Spook Jr, prop baits, and Chug Bugs, these are my east coast types  But my color selection will be more toward chartruese and metallic blues rather than the bone, sliver, and blacks I use on the east coast.  Of course red and white will be included since that works everywhere.  Those baits will fit into one small Plano waterproof tackle pack.  Then it's subsurface, here for sure a selection of Storm Croakers, this lure type holds the Texas record for seatrout and is deadly in the Gulf waters.  I'll also have a few Mirrolure Catch 2000s along, these are a hard bait that mimic the Storm presentation and at times are what the fish want.  Another excellent little bait that will be tucked into the corners of the subsurface box will be Mirrodines in a good Gulf color range.  Now it's on to soft plastics, DOA shrimp for sure, as always glow and near clear, then for the Gulf a near clear with red metal flake,  plus a final offering of nuclear chicken.  I toss in a few secret lures too, just in case but I've got to keep them under wrap until the event.

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