Kayak fishing at the 206 bridge in Florida

Kayak fishing with great fellow anglers is an absolute pleasure.  Today I had the chance to spend a few hours with two excellent paddle craft anglers, Jeff and Keith.  Both men have spent lots of time on the water so trips like this are easy when everyone knows the drill.  Weather wise we had our own personal dark cloud just hovering around much of the time trying to decide how much rain to drop on us or just blow us around.  But when it finally passed it was really nice to be around the water.  The Wavewalk W500 reminds me time and again how well suited it is for fishing.  The boat fishes much bigger than it really is since you have loads of work space and room to move around that a much longer kayak would nver give you.  The option to stand whenever you feel like it is an advantage that keeps you on the water far longer than any other fishing kayak out there.  Of course the Emmrods in combination make for a day of fun lime no other on the water.

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