Kids and Emmrods

I was at one of the local Wal-Marts today while Kate was at church.  While picking up some more Zoom Trick worms I spoke for a few minutes to a young family about tackle.  They were picking out rigs for their kids and neither parent had a angling background except when they were kids.  It struck me how I need to get a article done about gearing up kids with tackle they can have fun with and parents won't worry to much about the stuff being broken or ruined.   The little Emmrod Packers are great for kids and even allows a transition to adult style angling with casting tackle since that same pole works well with the ABU round bait cast reels.  For more advanced kids the all around spinning rods as represented by our spinning model saltwater pack rods are ideal.  Wal-Mart did have  great deal on some closeout spinning set ups so hopefully right now those kids are catching a few.  Guess I really need to learn to carry a few Emmrods ready to buy in the Ranger so when I run into folks they can pick them up on the spot.  Here is a shot of one of my brothers sons in Canada last summer.  For a young man who does not fish that much he caught a load in Canada on his Emmrod.

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