The original Emmrod - The Packer

My wife and I spend lots of time a trade shows and alike dock shooting the little Emmrod Packers.  That is the original Emmrod that started the company making the poles it does today.  Now I've used one quite bit sporting an ABU Record 4, 5500C or 6500C and been very happy.  But I've spent very little time fishing with the Packer rig as it is avaiilable with the little Shakespere Synergy 10 reel.  Like many anglers I figured "oh yeah, used them when I was little, just for kids that kind of thing".  But the reality is many folks love the easy handling and simple operation of a spincast reel.  So what the heck, I might as well try one for the day and see what happens in my regular kayak fishing inshore spot.  It was a blast, wow, did I ever have fun with that rig.  When I got home big time cleanup was in order since it had caught a load of bluefish as well as 4 little just legal seatrout.  Once cleaned up it now is ready for it's show duties again dock shooting and doing demos.  But I suspect not too long from now I'll sneak it out on the water again

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