Bow fishing and out of a kayak, hmm might work

I've been in Indiana over the last week.  This past weekend I came upon a old Bear bow my parents bought for me back in 1969.  The summer before my first year of high school we were on our way back from a Canada trip coming through Michigan.  We stopped at the Bear Archery factory for a visit and look at the famous Bear museum.  The owner was a famous archer named Fred Bear a legend in the archery world.  I had been shooting a smaller bow at the time and it was decided to get me a nicer one since we were there.  So I became the proud owner of a Bear Tigercat a mid range bow in the lineup at the time.  Shot the heck out of it through high school then graduated to a fancier bow and the Bear Tigercat lay forgotten in top of the closet in my old room.  I've been wanting to try kayak bow fishing but the gear is expensive and since I'm left handed bows are a bit harder to find.  I called a firm called 3 Rivers Archery the largest traditional archery firm in the world right now.  They have their operation only 23 miles north of my parents place in Fort Wayne.  I brought the bow over today for a check to see if all these years of sitting around might have damaged it.  Turns out they thought it was in like new condition and were able to gear me up with all I needed to shoot again.  Tried it out at their indoor range and found it still shoots great even if the archer in me is way out of practice.  If you are ever in the market for traditional archery gear these folks are the best.  They took all the time I needed to answer questions and gear me up in the best way possible to begin shooting my bow again.  The old bow fishing tackle is at home in Florida and once the bow gets there too it's off to the races.  I don't think this bow has been strung or shot since maybe 1971 or so when I bought a fancy model from another firm, it's long since worn out.  Should be loads of fun getting to know an old friend once again