Help from Chopper - not always what you want from your cat

Here I am preparing the final stages of another fishing trip to Lake of the Woods.  Emmrods to pack and a reel for each of the 14 rigs I'll have along.  Lure packs and clothing of course plus all the other gear you have to bring since once we arrive it's what we got that's all we have.  In the middle of it all my assisstant Chopper is working hard to be sure I have him to clean up after.  Here is a shot of him in the kitchen throwing around cat food and generally making a mess.  He was trying out his new cat toy and scratching pad.  Right now he is asleep at my feet making sure the cord for my lap top does not leap off the floor and run away.  My kayak has been idle for over almost two weeks now.  I sure wish it could make the trip up there but the logistics still get in the way.

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