Kayak fishing creek in Florida

This is a  shot of a typical creek you'll find in Northeast Florida.  We have endless miles of these and for the most part they are loaded with fish.  Of course where the fish are in this maze of water is the question.  As kayak anglers we need to be able to locate and ambush fish at certain spots in their movement in and out of the creeks.  Obviously we can't zoom around from place to place so we learn where to wait for our fish.  Learning tides is important but we must learn to fish the tide we face at the times we are able to go.  I've had many situations where fishing the ideal tidal conditions does not always match with other responsibilities.  These creeks can be a joy to fish since the really small ones are kayaks only, the big boats just can't get in.  If you can find that sweet spot of a nice hole, drop off, or bait concentration point loads of fish will be waiting for you.  The cool part is those spots stay consistent and can be fished again and again.  Of course if you use a Wavewalk 500 that allows easy stand up paddling and exploring you have it made.  Add to that the Emmrods and you are set for heavy duty fishing combat in tight conditions, fun fun fun!

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