Craig Cat and Emmrod

There is but one little power boat at my house along with the fleet of paddle craft.  Craig Cats are just a blast and a look at their website will show you why.  Here are a few shots of how well Emmrods fit into their storage boxes and represent an "always got a rod with me" attitude thanks to their size and convenience.  The boat is super comfortable and represents kind of a powered armchair on the water.  If it had the saddle type seating the Wavewalk has that could really be something.  I've often thought about trying an arrangement like that for flat fishing or just running the St John's river here near the house.  If you are in the market for a simple rugged power boat that offers pure fun and does it for pennies over a jet ski this is the craft.  I've had mine since 2002 and found it to be just the ticket for playing on the river or fishing the flats.  I'm very much a kayak angler but for those times when I want a power boat this is it.

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