Dependable kayak fishing knife

Whenever I hit the water kayak fishing a knife is part of my gear.  You never know when something needs to be cut from old line tangled in the water, to freeing fish twisted into old carelessly discarded trash line.  I also us it for rigging sometimes in my pliers get misplaced.  But saltwater can be cruel to most knives and frankly I want one as tough as my Emmrods.  The answer is a well used Spyderco H-1 Salt model.  The blade is H-1 corrosion proof steel and it laughs at saltwater and the problems caused to regular knives.  Mine is pocket worn to the point the clip is almost silver in color.  It has never had a corrosion issue even after spending hours clipped to my shorts wading waist deep on saltwater flats.  Great tool and one any serious angler needs to carry.  I'll post a picutre of mine shortly.