Kayak fishing peanut butter lure vault, fantastic!

This is one of those little tricks I've used for years to keep lures, jigs and hooks rust free and ready for more kayak fishing adventures.  Save those old peanut butter jars (the plastic ones) clean them out when you are done with the goodies inside and use them for tackle.  During the fishing day as you switch out lures, hooks or jigs put them into the jar for the trip home.  Saves your tackle box from rust issues and stores them safely on the water.  Once home a shot of baby shampoo and then add water to fill the jar.  Recap it and shake away the crud, rinse and then hang baits on the rim to dry.  An idea so good among my fellow anglers some folks have bought full jars of peanut butter then scooped out the product just to have the jar.  Try this one and save your baits for many trips to come

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