Our newest staff member

Chopper has hired an assitant since he feels there is too much to be done.  Kayak fishing, fishing rod rangling getting those Emmrods sorted and all the other duties.  Our new assistant to Chopper is Abby Rose, she will be in training for the next few months but willing and able to help out customers.  Since she is so young her computer skills will be much better than Chopper. Abby is also planning on trying a little flats fishing herself to learn the ropes and be better able to help.  Right now she is working with the new Emmrod Universal pole and the Qualia NLF 30 spinning reel.  A superb outfit and one that will help her land a big one.  By the way this is the first photo of the new Universal rod with the large tip.  This rod is just wonderful and paves the way for all the new things from us here at http://www.jeffstacklebox.com/

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