Answering questions about the new Emmrods and that huge Qualia reel

To answer a few questions I've been getting.  The DM-40 reel is almost the same reel as the Muzzy bow fishing reel both are made by Qualia.  The main difference being the Muzzy has a stainless steel reel foot and the DM-40 has a nylon foot that is part of the frame.  Both are bull tough.  I strip off the 20lb mono they come with and replace it with fresh line.  This practice is always good with reels that come with line since the age of it and being tightly coiled for so long prevents the reel from performing as it should.  The reels have a gear ratio of around 3.4 to 1 but the spools are huge and the rate of retreve is more like an ABU Garica 5500C.  So far as the Emmrod question the Universal rods are currently 7 coil for the standard 14 inch size and 6 coil for the Topwater Special at 22 inches.  In testing early on we fouund the longer rod performed better at 6 coil count.  The semi custom CQC rod at 6 inches is 7 coil.  I plan on next testing the DM-40 with Fireline, right now for the initial fishing I'm doing it's loaded with 16 Momoi High Catch.  My thought is use the reel as a true heavy baitcast replacement much in the way spincast reels were first designed.  I've got a year of use now on the MuL 10 Qualia most of the time with 14lb Fireline and have been very happy with it.  Cost wise the MuL 10 is around 30 dollars and the DM-40 about 46 dollars.  I like the fact that for little cost compared to many reels these two are champs at handling big fish.  The attached photo gives you a better idea of the size of the DM-40, it's big but quite comfortable.   Can't wait to get this thing hooked up a big redfish from my fishing kayak the mighty W500.