Gander Mountain and Jeffs Tackle Box today 2-25-11

Heck a nice time today.  We had our fishing rods at Gander Mountain from 9AM till 5PM.  Folks just love coming by and taking a look at the Emmrods.  A number of them went home to build happy memories on the water with anglers of all ages.  As always a number of the kayak fishing crowd showed up and there was lots of talk of big fish and the plastic navy we all belong to.  I  hope the folks who buy the Emmrods will remember to send a few pictures over of their catches.  It's so exciting to see the smiles on their faces holding a really nice catch nailed on an Emmrod.  The new models were well received I think we now have an even better lineup than before.  March 12th and 13th we will be at the Florida Sportsman's Show in Jacksonville so this was a nice warm up event.