JeffsTackleBox Emmrod CQC for spinning

I had a few questions presented to us about the Emmrod CQC for spinning.  Here is a setup using the new fishing rod on a Packrod handle.  For fishing from my favorite fishing kayak is it just fantastic and fits right into the rugged go anywhere anytime atttude of the whole outfit.  The casting distance is decent and the control of big fish is virtually unmatched with anything in a tubular rod and certainly no where close to as compact.  I love compact gear that reallty works well and this piece of equipment is one of those that hits the mark.  The reel is a Qualia NLF 30 and in it's size range nothing in a spinning reel can match the power to handle the fish we all want to catch.  This little rig I would put up against a huge redfish or a trophy musky up north with no worries.