My first day pro with BASS

Here is a shot of the pro I rode with the first day of the Citrus Slam BASS Elite Pro Series event in Palatka Florida.  What a wonderful young man, 20 years old and already at the top of the world in competitive bass fishing.  Who knows in 40 years we may be looking at him the same way we see Rick Clunn or Denny Brauer today.  The kid know knows to drive a boat, he gives Disney class excitement to the person in the the passenger seat.  A super day and loads of fun.  I just wish somehow my little fishing rods could be fitted into his arsenal.  For the sight fishing he was doing the Emmrod casting rig would have made it quicker and more accurate.  I need to get back out and do some bass fishing taking a break from the saltwater stuff I normally do.  Then when I get home they cleanup would be nothing compared to the work I do from a saltwater day.