Preparing to bowfish

Bow fishing something I've been talking about for some time.  Well bows are expensive and the Tigercat I brought home last summer apparently is not a bow that would do well banging around the kayak.  So I've looked in another direction, slingshots, very powerful adult style slingshots that have already proven taking big game and big fish.  I'll post shots of them soon, but first the trainer.  This one is a little Chief AJ redband slingshot and it is a blast to use.  He has a full website full of cool stuff.  The version I use for practice is his basic day to day shooter and so much fun to use it's scary.  The red bands are Trumark bands which are the best out there for getting the shooting eyes in shape.  I'm very surprized at the accuracy and power.  Right now with my little homemade tin can 30 foot range I can shread soda cans in half easily using 5/16 inch steel ball bearings.  The cool part is the bearings can be reclaimed and shot again and again.  This is fun, cheap, and almost silent, what a blast!  My final rigging will be one of my fishing rods attached to the slingshot for shooting fishing arrows, too cool.