Secret little spinner used by Jeff McGovern

Yesterday I had the chance to try out the one of the little spinners bought at the Florida Sportsman's Show a couple of weeks back.  Very light and at first I wondered if the darn thing would cast very well.  The maker claimed it would since the blade was not metal and did not wind vane badly during the cast.  I tried one out in the demo pond at the event.  Sure enough even on my baitcaster the Emmrod Combat rod it worked fine.  I was using 16lb mono line on that rig and it proved no problem.  For spinning it was even better tossing the little spinner easily on 10lb superline, in my case Fireline.  I need to find this guys card among my bundle from the show.  This is a nice lure of snaggy oyster beds and in grass that should be a of great help catching numbers of fish.  For kayak fishing it would be nice to have a few of these handy in the vest or tackle box.