Shreaded beer can with the slingshot

I picked up a couple of beer cans off the side of the road by the house and decided to give them punishment for littering.  This is 15 minutes of shooting to shread  it to this condition with the Chief AJ Topshot slingshot.  The ammo was 5/16 inch ball bearings.  Distance was 30 feet into my little homemade trap and the cool part is all the ammo can be used again.  It's hard to believe shooting a slingshot is this much fun and so inexpensive.  For under 50 dollars you can shoot for a year provided you save the ball bearings in a trap.  Hopefully the National Slingshot Association can be reborn like in it's heyday of the 1950's.  Afterall it's green, cheap, and the ammo is reclaimed, what a deal!