Bill did not die, but I think he felt he might

Wow today was a kayak fishing learning experience.  There is a real need for a true big man's kayak and I don't mean big fat guy boat either.  Bill is a big guy, pro wrestler sized big not fat and my Prowler 13 was just not enough boat for him.  Bill tips the scales at 320lbs plus and stands about 6'7" or so.  A man that sized dwarfs the practical capacity of my Prowler 13.  Sure the weight rating is 450 but I don't think Ocean kayaks tested them with guys this size.  He was cramped. uncomfortable, unstable, and wet the whole day.  Would my W500 have helped, nope not enough boat there either.  Hmm has me thinking about someday seeing a W800 at maybe a foot longer and a few inches wider for guys this big.  I'm sorry his day was so frustrating because we could just not get to the fish.  He was unable to paddle any distance in comfort and that is enough to ruin any day on the water.  He did have an interesting time and thank goodness was able to discover that if he ever considers a kayak it is going to have to be a big one.  I'm 6'3" and around 245 so not a tiny guy.  Seeing Bill have his problems remined me that there needs to be more stuff for big folks.  I have the problem with shoes since I wear a 15 so the understanding is there.

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