Bowfishing practice continues at Jeffs Tackle Box.

So here you are a Coke can shredded with a combination of 3/8" inside diameter hex nuts and 5/6" ball bearings.  Out of a kayak with a bow fishing rig this type of gear is going to be fun.  Right now at 30 feet all these practice sessions are putting the cans at serious risk.  The red band version in the shot is one I use the most for backyard work like this.  I've also been working with another ball shooting version from Chief AJ that is already set up for arrows.  Then I have my larger version from Falcon Archery in Texas that is the mondo size slingshot for arrows, a model that has already taken sharks, gators, and wild pigs for other sportsmen.  For me so far it's been cans but soon that will change.  I want to be totally tuned for accurate pin point target acquisition.

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