Heavy arrow shooting slingshot Jeff's Chief AJ HFX

OK here is it one of the actual bowfishing slingshots I'll be using from my kayak.  This is Chief  AJ's bg boy, his heavy duty black banded strong pulling beast.  This one shoot arrows like a 45lb recurve bow with a release.  It's not easy to pull and hold without practice but it shoots like a house on fire.  It sends a 5/16 inch ball bearing or 3/8 inch inside diameter nut screaming toward the target.  When it hits the Coke can it just tears right through it.  I did my shooting session tonight mainly with it because I wore out a set of bands on the other slingshot.  I switched them out but takes over night for the alcohol to dry off the new tubes before it can be shot.  I have another little backup plinker slingshot on the way from slingshot craftsman in CA that is designed just for BBs.  Got that one since I've found the more you shoot the better you hit.  Man this cheap little easy to have fun with sport is habit forming.