New kayak and canoe ramp in Putnam County, Florida

I saw this ramp across the river when I was coming in with a BASS pro during the Citrus Slam.  It's on the east side of the big bridge here in Palatka FL constructed by the county.  Not bad and an improvement over what was there before but wow is it steep.  Hopefully it will be kept up and not trashed like so many smaller ramps I've used.  Seems like when there are these nice little spots nasty folks find them and leave all sorts of garbage around when they launch or come in.  Parking is decent and there is a small waterfront park along to the base of the bridge to the west.  When I first got a Wavewalk kayak back in 2006 this was a spot I frequently put in for freshwater fishing.  I've not done it lately since saltwater has been so much fun, but maybe I need to get back to it.