Universal Emmrods intro video

Here is a short video of the Universal Emmrods.  Just an introduction style piece I'll post more a bit later.  This should give folks a little taste.  By the way these things fish and handle so well it's scary, for the fish anyway.  In a kayak the ease of use is fantastic and contrary to the experts who claim you need long fishing rods these little fellows will put a bunch more fish on the grill or posing for trophy shots.  The casting reel in the shot is a Shimano Curado B series an older reel many of us wish they still made.  The spinning reel is the magnificent NLF 30 from Qualia.  They are out of stock almost everywhere till June even Qualia itself has none, but we still have one brand new in the box here at Jeff's Tackle Box.  It's not even listed on the site you have to call to buy it, price is is $74.99 plus tax and shipping for some lucky angler who wants to best. 

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