What I fish with, my Emmrods.

Folks always ask if I really fish with Emmrods.  They seem to believe that the rods are gimmicks, no way for sure.  Hey the W500 fishing kayak is no gimmick either.  That's right I love using fishing gear that is cutting edge and this stuff is it.  My fish fighting control is superb, the casting distance is just great and the fun is off the chain.  Here are a couple of on the water shots of my actual in the kayak gear.  The spinning outfit is the Emmrod Packrod equipped with a Qualia NLF 30 spinning reel, a super all around set up.  The casting rig is a Packrod casting rod with a Shimano Curado 200B, an older baitcast reel but one valued for it's handling and castability.  This fishing gear is a blast to use!