Another shreaded can

I'm really getting into these slingshots.  Handy, easy to shoot and much like the my fishing rods for compact fun.  This is a second Chief AJ I picked up since it takes over night for tube sets to dry when you change them.  Now the shooting can continue uninterrupted.  Accuracy is excellent and what a great way to shoot in the backyard almost anywhere and not bother anyone.  The little shooting trap is as simple as a cardboard box with a window cut in it to shoot into.  The can is suspended from a piece of wire hanger hung in the window.  A towel hanging double behind the can will catch the balls and they end up in the base of the box. Used wood pieces across the top edge of the box to create a hang point.  I'm still surprised at how inexpensive this sport is.  The Chief AJ slingshots are around 15 dollars each so cost is minimal.  I would have at least two to cover those tube replacements for an active shooter.

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