This week at the South East Pest Management Conference

Kate and I spent time this week in Gainesville, Florida at the South East Pest Control meeting.  We handled two booths one for JF Oakes and the other for EPIC.  Respectively the two companies carry insect pheromone and rodent attractants or a line of repellent products for deer, rabbits, gophers, moles and armadillos.  We had a great time and there was huge interest in the two companies lines since both represent green pest control at it's best.  Now why am I talking about this stuff on my fishing blog?  Well it's easy, I had my fishing rods along too.  The Emmrods sure draw folks to the booth, relaxed conversation starts and pretty soon those fishing rods are a great path to a happy customer.  Only one week to go now until the world's largest kayak fishing event.  Lots to get ready for sure,  Hopefully this Saturday i can get at least a little time on the water.