Another Jeff's Tackle Box Emmrod secret

To catch the fish it really helps to see them.  This year in Canada I had a pair of new sunglasses thanks to some great suggestions from one of my favorite sporting goods retailers.  When we were leaving the store having done a Gander day with the Emmrods in May the young fellow at at the counter suggested looking at some new sunglasses.  He handed me a pair of Native Hardtop XPs, wow nice fit and in my favorite color amber.  These allow you to see fish that might otherwise be hidden.  In my standup fishing kayak they make a real difference between fishing and catching.  Since while in Canada I fish off the front deck of the big Lunds the glasses went home with me.  Cool thing is they also come with blue mirrror flash lens and night driving lens, such a deal.  you just switch them with a quick snap in and out.  Both extra sets store right in the top of the case so having them when you need them is easy.  These are a secret weapon for anglers who want to see the fish before the hookup.

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