Kayaks for fishing at Lake of the Woods

All week while we saw canoes we did not see any fishing kayaks up at Lake of the Woods.  However as we were leaving I saw this boat parked at the winter storage barn some of the locals use for wintering their rigs.  Hmmm somebody is thinking mother shipping kayaks to fish from way up here.  I'm pretty sure two W500s would fit into a big Lund Alaskan fishing boat like we used.  For two anglers in  the 18' size there should be plenty of room for them and still be able to use the boat for fishing as an option.  Maybe next year, I sure did miss not having the Wavewalk for some of the tight rocky areas we were in, it would have been ideal.  The trouble is getting them all the way up there then transporting them to the island.  Oak Island Resort would benefit from having a few boats on hand for a simple evening paddle around the bay or even adventures as folks might see fit to try.  The north country is currently ruled by the outboard motor, it's the most common transport mode folks use.  But canoes that held the title of top dog are still around and still a recreational favorite.  Seeing those two kayaks gave me some hope that the wilderness areas would love the Wavewalk.  Guess somebody, maybe me, is going to have to make an introduction.