Wow it's been too long

OK, finally got back on the water yesterday.  Apparently I did not miss too much since many of my fishing friends said July was very slow in the catching department.  Too hot, muggy, and very uncomfortable on the water past mid morning.  I hit 206 bridge in my favorite fishing kayak the great W500.  If you have never used this boat there is a serious problem with it.  Once you paddle a W500 and spend some time fishing from one you just can't got back to another kayak.  Nothing has the comfort or ease of use the W500 does.  Plus being able to stand anytime you want with no worries is fantastic.  I spent quite a bit of time yesterday drifting around the oyster beds casting and looking for fish while standing up.  The little Emmrod Combat rod is great at times like this since you can punch out underhand power casts like a deck gun.  Anyway nothing big hit my line except for two fun jacks, all told I caught over a dozen little ones but the bigger ones are just a blast.  Also managed two little trout and a pile of those darn pinfish that tried to eat my DOA shrimp

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