A really cool free stuff deal

Just ordered a Piranha Pocket X tool for those times where you need to have a small tool but no place to carry it.  I also still fly quite a bit and want to arrive with at least something that can open a box, turn a screw or loosen a bolt.  This little guy is pretty cool and certainly a got to have gear geek item.  If you get it from REI they have a heck of an offer.  Buy it at a store or order it online ( I did that ) then when it comes you snap a picture of the tool with your REI receipt.  You send that off to the Pocket X tool folks via email to team@pockettoolx.com and they send you a second tool for free.  What a deal!  For kayak fishing having a tool handy that will be easy to tighten a reel handle is always a good idea. 

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