Soon our property gets put up for winter, Rat Out protects it.

In the northern climates winter will soon be upon us.  Boats will head into storage, cabins will be closed for the winter and resorts will shut down till 2012.  I've worked full time in the pest control world for 40 years.  Seen loads of problems with rodents tearing up property put up for the season.  There is a really cool solution to help prevent that.  Rat Out gel, it's a simple formulation with garlic oil and white pepper that rodents do not want to deal with.  When the cabin or closed up or the boat stuck in the storage barn this stuff can help protect it.  The website is I did the original cases studies on it. The product works very well and costs pennies per application.  That tube goes a long way.  Thought I would post a mention of it here since so many Emmrod owners live up north.

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