A+ PeeWee a great kayaking slingshot

Being on the water is always great.  Kayak fishing is a wonderful way to enjoy such times.  But there are moments when a little plinking is also fun.  Firearms would be nice but there is a serious safety issue.  I've been taking a slingshot along for some time now.  One of my favorites is this little PeeWee from A+ Plus slingshots .  It's made from a piece of multiplex and looks like it is a natural tree fork.  Light, strong and very accurate.  I shoot BBs or 1/4 inch steel shot from it and have been very pleased with the performance.  The can in the photo was hit dead center at 96 feet, the ball punched right though the metal with no problem.  Slingshots are still very inexpensive and at least in the case of this model a made in American product by a small businessman in his own shop.  I'm still wroking on a bow fishing combo that will include an Emmrod, Qualia DM 40 reel, 200lb braided line and of course a slingshot set up for arrows.  Fun stuff to be sure.

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