Shimano Citica great on the Emmrod casting rods and super for kayak fishing

For 2012 Shimano has introduced a new Citica casting reel, but wait!!!  Before you buy check out any remaining 2011 models in the stores.  Other than the color and the offering of some new gear ratios in the lineup it's basically the same reel.  However 2011s are going for $89.95 at Gander Mountain in Saint Augustine, FL while 2012s are listed at $129.95.  Hmmmm that's quite a bit of difference for a color change.  The Citica is great if you are looking for a baitcast reel to use kayak fishing, it's light, compact, but extremely powerful.  Just the ticket for saltwater flats or freshwater if that's your calling.  Shimano has done this before, after all fishing has in many ways become a fashion industry.  But if you know your gear and can stand the fish chuckling at you because you gear does not match check out the 2011 Citicas.  Oh yes, on the Emmrod casting rigs WOW, this reel is a champ.

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