Whew it's been some time - Jeff and Emmrods got out yesterday

Finally!  After weeks and weeks of everything else going on but fishing yesterday December 17th found me in the saddle of my fishing wonder the Wavewalk 500.  Frankly that is just too long to wait between trips.  However the wait was worth it.  I took along two Emmrod prototype fishing rods with a new high tech handle material.  Great stuff this was the first time they have been saltwarer fishing since I got them.  Hopefully they will be on the market sometime in 2012.  The day was out standing and the fish were there to greet me after a long time away.  Talley on the fish ended up at 17 reds, 12 sea trout and finally a baker dozen flounder.  Most were low end legal and a few were invited home for the freezer.  I'll post the rigging I used in another post.  Here are some fish shots.

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