13' Grumman movie clip

I shot this short movie before we put the Grumman 13' canoe in the water yesterday.  When this was all I had back in the mid 90s the boat went everywhere with me.  I car topped it to Miami when I worked down there and would carry it into my hotel through the patio door each week.  Then after work I would fish for a couple of hours each night.  With the wheel set up from Spring Creek it was so easy.  The canoe and I spent countless hours fishing all over the state when I traveled it working in different areas each week.  Sometimes I was lucky enough to have a waterfront hotel so it was only a few feet to the water.  What's funny was at the time I got the canoe I had looked at kayaks but nothing on the market in 1995 could match the light weight and ease of use the Grumman presented.  The gear and equipment for the craft included it's roll up floor (from the duck hunting world), the  Spring Creek rigged for wheels or pontoons, the folding seats, and the sections of foam padding around the gunnels.  Having the chance to use it yesterday gave me the opportunity to compare it to the Wavewalk 500 I enjoy so much.  For fishing frankly the W500 is a much better anglers tool.  For minimal prep and far less gear to deal with the Wavewalk is a dream for ease of use.   But for having the grandson along the canoe was a better choice since it gave me some distance between waving rod tips, lures and an excited child.  Working a  rod and fishing tools themselves is simpler in the W500 because of the work bench saddle area in front of me.  Also the tackle bin storage in the Wavewalk is much easier to use.  I always thought the Grumman was pretty quick but I believe the W500 is quicker yet.  Of course anything over a walking pace is wasted energy for fishing and both crafts are easy to keep going for long period of time with minimal effort.  I'll post a dashboard shot of the working area for each boat soon.  The Grumman canoe has been with us since the end of WW2, the 13' was the first model that was made.  The Wavewalk far less time but far more revolutionary.  Glad to have both on hand and it will be interesting to compare uses and water time in the future for both boats.

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