Combat Packer and MuL10

Here is another rigging idea for spincasting.  It's an Emmrod Packer rigged up with the Combat Rod with 4 coils.  The MuL 10 reel is loaded with 10lb Stren Easy Cast a line I have thousands of yards of in the tackle room.  I wanted to rig it much like any weekend angler might do for themselves or their kids.  The line is premium mono and performs quite well with this spincast setup.  Talk about compact and powerful it will enable the angler to go to the limit of the line and drag fish right to hand.  I hope to get it on the water Saturday in the company of an 11 year old grandson to see if we can hook him up.  Instead of the Wavewalk 500 we will be using the Grumman old canoe.  The canoe has more room for him to move around.

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