Crappiethon and Jeffs Tackle Box Emmrods RULE

We had a great time today!  Set up this morning for the fishing booth portion of Crappiethon's Opening event in Cresent City Florida.  There was great interest in my fishing rods and we had a number of folks leave with a nice new Emmrod to have a blast with.  We also had some folks head home with one of the fantastic MuL 10 Qualia spincast reels.  They continue to impress me as the best spincast reel at any price.  This was a typical small town event, friendly folks and lots of great food.  There was a fish fry going on right across from our booth and it was outstanding.  Golden crunchy deep fried pollack was just the ticket.  Served with cole slaw and baked beans it made for a wonderful meal.  This was the first time we offered the new TPE handled Emmrods rods for sale.  I've tested them for a few months, this new handle material should be very popular.  It's much tougher than cork, the grip is non slip and very confortable.  If the Crappiethon folks have an event near where you live check it out. Oh yes the picture is of my wife Kate in the booth

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