Dashboards or work space compared W500 and Grumman 13'

These are two vastly different work spaces.  One, the Grumman a WW2 updated by material design that has been around for thousands of years.  Then two, the Wavewalk 500 that has been with us less than a decade.  I've fished both designs extensively and spent many hours catching fish from both of them.  Figuring a trip from my regular saltwater launch.  The canoe while very well equipped takes time to get ready to go.  You've got to secure the Springcreek Universal Receiver, put in the floor, strap in  the seats,  then load the wheels plus stabilizers if you are going to drift flats and fish standing, finally you put on the foam gunnel pads. The wheels are required to get the canoe from the drop off space at the fish camp to the water down the wooden ramp.  The W500 needs the gear loaded up then the paddle clips put in place, that's it.  For getting to the water just pick up one end of the W500 by the two handles and drag it to the ramp, down and into the water.  It slides like a sled and none of your gear is displaced.  The dashboard or angling work zone is at your feet in the canoe.  With the W500 it's like a low table right at hand.  In the shots you see real world work space.  Messed up by fish and gear changes it's much easier in the W500.  Now for passenger use the W can handle two people but not for serious angling simply because the two anglers are too close to one another.  Flailing rod tips and lures even with my Emmrods in the W are just too close for comfort.  For solo angling however the W500 is golden.  So far as getting around on the water in either case I really like the double bladed kayak paddles over canoe paddles for flats work.  In creeks while sitting the canoe paddle is easier but if you are standing the long Wavewalk paddle is the way to go.  Besides paddling and standing in the W500 is just plain fun.  So far as toughness.  Roto molded poly is darn durable but so is aluminum.   Saltwater won't bother the poly much but aluminum must be protected by a coat of wax.  While aluminum will not corrode in the manner of steel it will still have issues over time if not cared for.  Now for storage the aluminum is the winner.  Just sitting outside uncovered leaning against the side of the house the poly kayak will have issues with our bright Florida sun and UV however the aluminum is just fine.  Both these boats offer different advantage and disadvantages.  They are light years apart in design but both are fine paddle crafts.  It's up to the individual what they are looking in a paddle style fishing boat.  My choice the last few years has been the Wavewalk 500.  Frankly I've gotten so comfortable being able to stand and fish at will with no effort it's hard to give that up.

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