Floating Thunder returns to the water

My 13' Grumman canoe has been off the water nearly 10 years.  I got caught up in the wave of kayak fishing having a blast along the way.  My W500 hands down is my on the water office but it was time for a little time travel backwards.  Our young grandson has never really fished much and has only been on the water a couple of times and never in a paddle craft of any kind.  So having cleaned up Floating Thunder and gotten all it's rigging out and ready to go it seemed like a good match.  I had originally rigged my canoe to be a full blown fishing rig anywhere a paddle craft would be appropriate.  Everything from the floor to the seats worked great.  The boy had a blast even if the trip was fishing rather than catching.  The Emmrods worked great and he had fun just punching out castsin every direction.  He gets the joke and understands the joy of just being outside and on the water.  We will be doing this again for sure.

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