My W500 simple yet effective

Hands down the finest fishing kayak I've ever used.  That is coming from someone who has used others, plus has them on the rack at the house and makes a serious choice for on the water time.  My W500 is like a pickup truck on the water, the kind that has a high performance engine under the hood.  It's tough, sturdy, and made for the angler.  Standing to fish is not a balancing act nor is it a stunt to show the stability of the design.  It's a boat where standing is as natural as sitting.  Casting distances are far better sitting or standing since the angler can put their whole body into a cast not just flail an arm.  With my little fishing rods from Emmrod I'm locked and loaded to catch fish not fool with equipment.  Of course there is a problem, the W500 really has spoiled me.  Tough to even consider fishing out of anything else.  My friend Yoav Rosen created quite a watercraft in the Wavewalk.  This movie short is my setup as of 12-31-11.

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