Mul 10 beauty shot

Once again this little fishing reel keeps gaining ground.  I used one on Saturday to land a number of seatrout and frankly it was a blast.  Spincast for years was a piece of gear relegated to combo packs as kids reels or gear for beginners.  Most were not very tough and simply would not hold up to serious angling.  But the Mul 10 is a reel that can and will change that idea.  Sure it's not all that expensive but price does not always dictate what a product can do.  My original Mul 10 is going on two years of use in both salt and fresh water, it's still going strong.  As with any reel it requires cleaning and proper lubrication but that is easy with this little piece of gear.  When I first loaded it with Fireline I had my doubts.  Spincasters were really not designed for superlines but this reel is an exception.  Spooled with 14lb Original Fireline the reel is quite a piece of gear.  Hooked up to an Emmrod Packer handle and the tip of your choice the angler can handle anything they care to go after.  I use the Mul 10 on a regular basis and have full confidence in the reel whenever I hit the water.  We continue to sell this reel for one reason, it works.  At a time when most tackle is pretty pricey and quality gear is out of reach of many anglers this reel stands out.   For kayak anglers it's a nice choice.  Sure I have highend bait cast reels but there are times when simple is better.  There are a lot of kayak anglers out there that are looking for easy to use simple tackle but stuff that can handle big fish.  I've done it with this reel with full confidence.  The fish shot is a musky from last summer at Lake of the Woods.  

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