Floating Thunder back in the salt

Yesterday my friend and camera guy Steve was visiting the area.  We wanted to do a little saltwater kayak fishing over at Genung's Fish Camp.  However the winds were going to being blowing hard out of the west and Steve has never kayaked before.  Sticking him alone in an unfamiliar boat toting fishing gear and cameras in less than favorable conditions would have been a little crazy.  Nothing is more frustrating than trying a new thing when mother nature has other ideas.  So instead I rigged up the recently cleaned up and now ready to go Floating Thunder, my Grumman model 1340 aluminum canoe.  The boat has not been in saltwater since 2001.  As with any Grumman canoe time has a hard time catching up with them.  Aircraft aluminum is tough as nails and other than minor scratches very little short of running them over with a semi truck will damage them.  It was interesting to compare the all day on the water comfort of the canoe to my W500.  WOW did I miss the easy stand up feature of the Wavewalk !  It is unreal the difference between being in a seat for hours and the ease of moving around the W500 allows.   Both boats are ones I've spent many days on the water with.  Both have their merits.  As much fishing as I've done from Yoav's boat the stand up feature allows longer casts, improved observation of surrounding conditions, and more time on the water.

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