Kate, Jeff and Emmrods at Gander Mountain yesterday

We had a great time yestersay at Gander Mountain in Saint Augustine, FL.  We will be there again today from noon till 4.  These two gentlemen were also on hand.  Bob Bellew is over 80 years old and still represents fishing clients he has had since the 1970s.  The man is a hoot and has loads of fishing stories and has fogotten more about bass fishing than most people could even imagine.  Great to chat with, I hope I have have his zest for life when I hit that age.  Dean Rojas is one of the top B.A.S.S anglers on the tour today and is Gander's top pro.  Both gentlemen were great to spend time with.  Our little Emmrods continue to gain traction and who know someday maybe a pro angler will take them up.

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