A simple basic casting rig

It's not always necessary to spend a fortune on a bait casting setup.  The most basic Emmrod casting setup is the Packer rigged with an ABU 5500C reel.  This entire setup can be had for around 120 dollars including the line if you shop carefully.  In fact most anglers have an old 5500C in their gear stash that was looking for the right rod.  My very first Emmrod was one just like this, four coil, Packer handle and in the gray color.  The biggest change here is that the rod section is the new Universal style which adds loads of fighting power to the rig.  It works great with a simple mono line like the 16lb Momio High Catch spooled on this rig.  This particular rod is the small tip version but with a bait caster it makes no difference.  For big topwaters this thing is a blast.  For my hybrid Redfish Magic baits it's loads of fun to battle the big ones on.  Early morning in my fishing kayak chucking a big Zara Spook it's a hcck of a way to start off a great day on the water.

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