Smokin good kayak casting reel on an Emmrod

My favorite fishing reels for a day on the water are casting reels.  There are loads of them on the market but one little mid priced reel stands out.  It's the 200E Citica from Shimano.  Right now with the introduction of the new G series the E models are down to 70 or 80 dollars from 120 last year.  On the new Emmrod Packrod casting rig with the TPE handle this reel helps create an ideal bait casting set up.  Compact, poweful, and fits the hand like a dream this rig is smokin.  Casting distance is fantastic and for the kayak angler about a compact as it gets.  Any game fish we normally go after can be landed on this gear.  My favorite set up is a four coil combat or standard Universal rod on the Packrod handle with one of the Citica reels.  Get yours before they are sold out for good.

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